About Us

Supportive Housing Association

The Supportive Housing Association is a community development organization dedicated to preserving the arts and cultural heritage of diverse communities and assisting impoverished urban neighborhoods and rural townships to build capacity and infrastructure for sustainable living.

Corporate Summary

In 1995 the United States Department of the Treasury officially designated the Supportive Housing Association as a 501 c (3) non-profit organization.

The mission of the Supportive Housing Association is to provide objective business analytics and access to resources for underserved neighborhoods to leverage and create community-generated and endorsed improvement projects.

Fundraising and financial commitments for Supportive Housing Association sponsored projects are managed in compliance with licensed lending institutions and Federal, State, and local accounting requirements.

Private donations for Supportive Housing Association projects are tax-deductible.

Board Members:

  • Susanne Marten, President
  • Anne Marie Williams, Vice President
  • Chenda Ouch, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Aleks Büchle – RN
  • Moya Joubert – BS
  • Richard Myers – JD