Arts and Culture Programs

Arts and Culture Programs


Create Films

Mission: To educate and inspire youth through the Fine Art of film making with free film classes, internship, and mentorship programs.

In response to the concern by parents, neighbors, business owners, and community groups who all worry about seemingly unattended youth who “should be working”, SHA has helped local communities to develop and fund Peer Mentors and Intern programs. These programs include: Native American Art Historic teachings (2018), Acrylic Painting Classes (2019), and Create Films (2019 and 2020). For each Intern job assignment, youth were taught teaching methods to educate peers about diverse cultures and artistic expressions from early civilizations to 21st-century technology applications for scriptwriting and film production.

Comprehensive Culinary and Fine Arts Facility Planning 

Build community support for model Comprehensive Culinary and Fine Arts Facility to be replicated throughout Pierce County cities and townships.


Housing Assistance Program

In response to the demand for affordable senior housing, the Supportive Housing Association provides rental subsidies and maintenance services for low-income seniors and disabled persons who wish to remain within their community of choice.

Neighborhood planning and development projects are undertaken to honor cultural diversity and sustain economic vitality for impoverished Tacoma and Pierce County communities.

First Nation Leadership Exchange Project

SHA has partnered with the Squaxin and Puyallup Tribal Communities and the Brazil Center, University of Washington Seattle to host a cultural exchange with members of the Patayo and Pankararu Tribes of Aracuai, Brazil. The goal of this educational exchange initiative is to contribute to the installation of a solar pump for furthering a Perma-culture community in Aracuai, Brazil. Students from the University of Washington, Jackson School of International studies are contributing resources to implement a project development plan. In addition, the Puyallup Tribal Nation hosted Aracuai area tribal members to partake in the 2012 Family Canoe Journey and dedication ceremonies. 

Pacific Avenue Business District “Trading Trails” and “Little Bits” Mosaics

SHA will continue to assist with the promotion of community events to include the Pacific Avenue Spring and Street Festival. Support for Arts and Culture programs include the public arts mural project for the Moore Library titled: “Trading Trails”. Another public arts project titled: “Little Bits” mosaics was created by Sheridan Elementary students and family members and funded by the Art in the District program, City of Tacoma Cross District Business Association. In cooperation with Historic Tacoma and the City of Tacoma feasibility studies, grant writing and consultation will continue to be provided to east and south end businesses, historic preservation groups, and the Partners for Pedestrians safe walk-ability initiative.

White River Housing Association

SHA will continue to support the efforts of the White River Housing Association and their plans for comprehensive planning to benefit White River area seniors and their families. SHA has provided technical grant writing, GIS Mapping services, and facilitated collaborative working agreements with the White River Housing Association, Rural LISC, Enumclaw Memorial Hospital, Snohomish Senior Services, and Pierce County Community Services.

Viva Casa Cocina

Project definition and a pro-forma have been developed to plan an implementation phase for financing a commercial kitchen. Planning discussions have involved United Way of Pierce County, Washington State Nutrition Program, Tacoma Pierce County Health Department Eastside Collaborative and Food Justice committee and culturally diverse community leaders. The initial goal is to develop a business management curricula to include Department of Health regulations for commercial food sales. In addition, an effort has been undertaken to conduct a cost analysis for purchase and setup of a commercial test kitchen, equipment bank and training program for food production entrepreneurs, restaurants and related small businesses.